Friki People

If you think of yourself as being the weird guy or gal because you enjoy to collect toys don’t worry. There are lots of people worse than you.

E.g. We are!

We’d like to introduce ourselves and our view of the world.

We think the world would be better off if there were even more nerds, geeks and other “crazy” people. As you might have noticed times have changed. The heroe is not the heroe anymore. The geek is the new superstar. Being different and having interests that only few can understand is more than acceptable. It’s pretty cool and amazing!

In the end, happiness will not be achieved by pursuing an unreachable goal. It’s more about enjoying the process of it. And that’s where we have the analogy we are looking for.

A collection is never finished. It’s not the final goal, it’s the process of seeing it grow that makes it fun. Don’t you think?

Ok, enough philosophy sharing about the new world heroes, being different and happiness. We will introduce the team one by one.

Friki MonkeyHi guys. This is Raúl. If he needed a collector nickname, it would be probably the Skyliner. It’s definitely one of his favourite models. He became a collector right from the beginning of this adventure. Being in his mid-twenties he has proven to be an ambitious and driven young man.

He just finished his studies giving in his master thesis with this very same project. That is what every boss dreams about: 100% implication. He can sometimes be the critical voice, specially when it comes to show empathy with the customer. He has definitely helped us to listen more carefully to the voice of the collector and grow this shop into a better experience. Thumbs up for Raúl.

Friki Monkey

Hello again. This is Ángel. The Rally Man. That would be definitely his collector nickname. He is very selective in terms of his collection and currently is a proud owner of some Hot Wheels Rally castings. Guess where he got them from. Yes, that’s right! 😉

For his young age (mid-twenties) he is a very responsable guy. You can throw at him whatever you want and he will find a way to solve it. His strength definitely is customer support and attention. Once you talk to him you will believe every single word that comes out of his mouth. And there is a very simple reason for it. He speaks 100% the truth. He will not hide anything from you even it is means that he will not get the customer. And that definitely has helped us to think long term. We learned from him that we don’t want to make a few more euros if we are not 100% honest with the customer.

Friki Monkey

In cases you have to abandon one route and change directions into the one that corresponds more to your life passion. That in summary is how Rubén got to us. I guess that he did not expect to work in an e-commerce for collectibles when he started his sports-related studies.

You might call him the inventor. He is a very creative young guy in his mid-twenties and sometimes cannot fall asleep because his head is full of new ideas. His innovative approach to things has brought up improvements in different aspects of the shop such as work processes, packaging and customer attention. We are lucky to have him around.

Did I mention it? He is a collector, too! As you know it’s quite impossible not to fall in love with this passion when you are lucky enough to deal with it every day. 😉

Friki Monkey

The donkey goes first or was it the monkey? My name is Carlos. It’s strange to write about yourself in an “About us” section. But that is only one way to show you that we are different or let’s say “friki”. It’s not exaggerated to say that I have the biggest collections of all (probably bigger than yours as well, sorry dude!). I’m probably not doing that bad in a worldwide Collectors Top 100. I approximately own 5.000 diecast, 99% of them are currently Hot Wheels. My wife isn’t bothered about this (yes, lucky me!) because I sell them. The collection is in a constant flow as orders from the shop go out and new cars arrive almost every week. Every time a client buys something I am happy and sad at the same time. I have other businesses, too. But none of them are this fun. I guess you understand.

I almost forgot my nickname. I’m the “old guy”. That’s at least how those kiddos call me. 😀

As you might have noticed we are a bunch of passionate people working in this shop in San Juan de Alicante (Spain). You can come and visit us here in San Juan de Alicante if you like. By the way, the beach is only 5k away from where we are. Just in case you need a tip of where to spend your next holidays…

PS: sorry for the imperfect English. We are not native Speakers. Everybody makes mistakes, right? 😉 As soon as the shop generates some tiny benefit we will be able to hire a proper translator. You can help us with that if you like. Make your next purchase here and not elsewhere. Just an idea!