After World War II, Ferruccio Lamborghini, who had served in a transport detachment for the Italian Army, began buying surplus military vehicles to convert them into agricultural machinery.

Such was the success of his new business that, in 1960, Lamborghini was already the third Italian industrial manufacturer in the sector of the construction of agricultural machinery, especially tractors. With the profits obtained, Ferruccio began an opulent life, acquiring some properties, and above all many sports cars such as Mercedes, Lancia, Maserati and Ferrari. He was an admirer of Enzo Ferrari for the way he maintained his company, but he always had a difficulty: Ferruccio had mechanical problems with his Ferrari. The reason in particular, and the straw that broke the camel’s back, was the clutch of his Ferrari 250 GTB. After numerous revisions in the workshop, it still failed. Ferruccio decided to communicate it to one of his mechanics, who after disassembling it and verifying it, discovered that it was the same one that he used in his tractors, of course with a higher price when being in a sports car, which enraged him. Tired of having to endure these inconveniences, he engaged in a conversation with the same Enzo Ferrari who went down in history.

In the words of Lamborghini himself: “Ferrari only created problems for me”. “One day, tired of sending them to the workshop, I called Enzo to tell him that their cars were pure rubbish”. “And he replied that a tractor manufacturer couldn’t understand their cars. From this curious discussion, the angry owner began to engineer the idea of making sports cars to compete with the Prancing Horse brand. On this page you will find all the models we currently have available at Friki Monkey.