Worldwide shipping

I can’t wait for it! That’s probably the feeling we all have in common once we have placed an order. Well, that’s an important question we have to answer but let’s talk first about shipping time.


Shipping time SpainGermanyFranceItalyUK
shipping days1 to 35 to 105 to 106 to 117 to 14


The estimation on the upper end is rather pessimistic. But still, if it takes that long be patient. Yes, we know. ¡It’s damn difficult! But you have to work on that. Alright? 😉

As we are based in Spain everything what we ship to the Spanish Peninsula has quite a modest price. We can ship plenty of car for under 4 euros if the weight is not above 1 kg. Once you have an order in Spain of over 40 euros, shipping is even free. ¿Fantastic, isn’t it?

If you order one car, costs outside from Spain can vary between 3,99 euros for Germany up to 7,93 euros for UK. Shippings cost per car go down around 1 euro per car once you checkout with 9 or more items in your basket.


Shipping costs SpainGermanyFranceItalyUK
1 car            3,84 €            3,99 €            4,36 €            5,89 €            7,93 €
5 cars            3,84 €            7,49 €            9,80 €          10,35 €          10,53 €
10 cars            3,84 €            9,80 €            9,80 €          10,53 €          10,53 €
20 cars            4,20 €            9,80 €            9,80 €          10,53 €          10,53 €
40 cars            4,20 €          12,71 €          12,71 €          15,49 €          13,67 €


Get detailed information about shipping costs depending on the number of cars you purchase. Be aware of the fact that it is only an estimation as e.g. Retro Entertainment and other cars in general are heavier than regular mainline models. You will get to the “truth” once you put all your cars in the basket and let the algorithm calculate the shipping costs.

Delivery to Switzerland

For deliveries to Switzerland, we recommend that you use All customs formalities and delivery to your front door will then be handled by for a small fee. You will receive your goods quickly, duty paid and inexpensively. Register here.


You can also contact us if you have any further questions! You can also check our FAQ section in order to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we work. 🙂