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Why us?

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Earn Extra Income from Your Videos and Streams

Join our affiliate program and turn your passion into profit! Share our exceptional products in your videos and streams, and for every recommendation, enjoy a 10% commission on every sale. Your success is our success!

Make Money Recommending Quality Products for Your Collection

Your audience trusts your judgment, so why not turn that trust into earnings? Partner with us to promote top-notch products that protect and enhance their collections. Earn while providing valuable recommendations that resonate with your audience.

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Give back to your loyal followers with exclusive discounts on our premium products. Enhance your partnership with us by offering your audience special deals they won't find anywhere else. It's a win-win – they save, and you earn! Join us now and start monetizing your influence.

How to Start?

Easy as Pie, Even for Monkeys

  • 1. Sign up

    You'll be redirected to Shopify, where you'll need an account on this platform. You can use your Google, Facebook, or Apple account, or your email to register.

  • 2. Fill out a short form.

    Briefly share your interests with us, let us know how familiar you are with us, and provide your social media handles so we can get to know you a bit better.

  • 3. Send the application.

    Once you've completed the form and submitted the application, we'll respond to you by email as soon as possible.

  • 4. Start collaborating!

    After confirming your acceptance into the program, you'll gain access to a personal control panel with clear instructions for the next steps.


What is Friki Monkey's affiliate program?

It's a chance for influencers and enthusiasts to earn commissions by promoting our products, enriching the collector's community.

How can I join Friki Monkey's affiliate program?

Join by visiting our affiliate registration page and signing up with your email, Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts.

What benefits do I get as a Friki Monkey affiliate?

You'll receive a 10% commission for sales made through your link or coupon code, with the same discount offered to your customers.

How can I promote Friki Monkey's products?

Promote through social media, blogging, YouTube, and other digital channels. We provide the tools; you bring the creativity.

How do I track my earnings and commissions?

A user-friendly dashboard is available once you're an affiliate, showing your earnings and sales.

When and how are commission payments made?

Receive payments through bank transfer or PayPal, set up in your affiliate dashboard, on a regular schedule that suits you. We will pay you through Shopify

Can I use my affiliate link or coupon code for my own purchases?

No, personal use of your affiliate link or coupon code is not permitted and could lead to program exclusion.

What is the lifespan of the affiliate tracking cookie?

The tracking cookie is valid for 30 days, ensuring you earn a commission if a sale occurs within that time frame after a referral.

Where can I get additional assistance or have questions answered?

Our support team is always ready to assist. Contact them or email us at hello@frikimonkey.com for any help needed.

Any More Questions?

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